1. Kelebo Blow dry – 190.00 euro

2. Senior Citizens 20% off Monday and Tuesday

1. Kelebo Blow dry

Kebelo System® is the next generation hair smoothing system. It’s an intense, single salon treatment and aftercare programme that nourishes cuticles, replenishes natural proteins and revitalises hair from the inside.

What is the difference between the Kebelo and a Brazilian keratin treatment?

There are several points of difference;

1. It is a same day wash out. Other treatments need to be left in the hair for three days to take effect.
Kebelo System® is washed out same-day, in-salon.
2. Kebelo System® is a 3-step system; Cleanse, Treat and Maintain. We ensure the quality of each step in order to create the foundation of beautiful hair.
3. Kebelo System® gives the flexibility to create alternate hair styles throughout the 12 week period. We give the foundation for beautiful hair, and allow for creative passion to flourish.
4. The treatment formulated for Kebelo System® is free from formaldehydes and other aldehyde derivatives. We have developed an entirely new technology based on amino acids and botanical proteins.
5. In short, it is 100% safe for both the client and the stylist.

2. Senior Citizens 20% off Monday and Tuesday.

Students and Children prices apply Monday to Thursday